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Re-Routed: verse for the human animal

by Francesca Marguerite Maximé

Book Description

Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. In Re-Routed: verse for the human animal, New York City television news anchor Francesca Marguerite Maxime, author of Rooted: a verse memoir, boldly leads us into the forest of life's unexpected detours, where we encounter the wisdom and instincts of animals, the quirks of dating in New York City, modern fertility methods,and the importance of personal boundaries and self-acceptance. She explores the jungle of life: birth and death, hope and failure with an equally steady hand. Courageous, provocative and alive, Maxime uses vivid prose and daring honesty to take on life's surprises. Her second collection is one of resilience marked by a fearless march toward the unknown.

editorial reviews: about the author

Francesca Marguerite Maximé is a poet and television news anchor and reporter in New York City and the author of Rooted: a verse memoir. Francesca was born in Chicago to an Italian-American mother and a Haitian-Dominican father, and grew up outside of Boston. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in English Literature. After college, she studied poetry at SUNY Binghamton under Maria Mazziotti Gillan. When she moved to New York City in 2009, she also began working with poet Laura Boss. Outside of her work as a broadcast journalist and poet, Maxime spends time competing on several USTA tennis teams. She also frequently hosts events for animal rescue causes, is a firm believer in recycling, and enjoys baking and cooking.

I received my copy today and could not put it down. Page after page, I was enthralled by the sheer honesty of the author as she shares her search for self. She is fearless,exposing her naked soul and revealing her deepest thoughts. The rawness of her pain, her shattered dreams, and her fears for the future are expressed so succinctly that the reader can't help but experience the emotion of it all. It makes one ponder whether they could be so brave. Perhaps Maxime gains strength through her vulnerability because despite baring her spirit, with all of its complexity, she seems to have found a comfort and acceptance in who she is that is hopeful and inspiring. Few books have ever been so authentic.


How to review without spoiling?
This is Francesca's second volume of poetry, and it is wonderful narrative of the life and times of an extraordinary woman, bumps and potholes included. Included here is one poem that, if it does not move you profoundly, means that you must call the police to report the theft of your soul.

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